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Reading Aloud With Wiggly Little Listeners

I want to love reading aloud.

I really do.

I love good books. Great literature makes my heart flutter. I have visions of warm, cozy moments snuggled together with my littles, Little Women in hand and their upturned faces listening with rapturous interest as I regale the beloved story of Jo and her sisters. We would cry together at the death of Beth, cheer on the beautiful love story between Laurie and Amy, and discuss the importance of family and sibling relationships.

That's not what happens.

The truth is far from ideal.

The kids and I gather and crack open an exciting adventure.  It must be fast-paced and edgy to keep their interest. I read with inflection. Dramatic pauses occur. Yet no matter how engaging I try to be, it's not five minutes before my youngest kids are rolling on the floor. Or throwing balls. Or perhaps chasing each other around the house, talking, bothering the dogs, rolling toy trucks noisily around the room, fighting, or any number of crimes against liter…